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Sweetie Boy Delivers Announces Rebrand

Sweetie Boy Delivers, an omni-channel solution to the vehicle delivery process in the automotive industry, is proud to announce a total rebrand. Effective June 1st, 2021 Sweetie Boy Delivers will rebrand to AutosDlvrd. The rebrand will simply separate AutosDlvrd from our asset-based transportation company, alleviating confusion and informing people that AutosDlvrd provides the services to help easily transport vehicles from one location to another.

Sweetie Boy Delivers provides solutions for both automotive dealerships and consumers to simplify the car buying process, making it more cost effective and convenient. The rebrand from Sweetie Boy Delivers to AutosDlvrd entails a new name, logo, website, and improved solutions for automotive dealers, retailers, and consumers.

“With our experience and resources, we can alleviate the stress of dealing with logistics, while also maximizing a dealership's overall savings,” said CEO Tyler McCormick. “Our mission is to provide dealers with a one-stop-shop transportation solution.”

Sweetie Boy Delivers would like to thank our dedicated staff that has supported the company through challenges and changes as Sweetie Boy Delivers transitions to AutosDlvrd. We’d also like to thank our outstanding partners & customers, this wouldn’t be possible without you!

Check back on June 1st for our rebrand, new website, and other exciting announcements!

Learn more about Sweetie Boy Delivers at, watch our informational video, or speak with us directly at (844) 723-3278.