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How Dealerships Can Adapt to the Current Used Vehicle Industry

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Mid-March a handful of major automotive manufacturers, like General Motors and Ford Motor, were forced to completely shut down their factories. Although OEM factories are back up and running, many are short-staffed and slow-moving. For example, as stated in a recent New York Times article, General Motors laid off over 1,000 employees due to the increasing concern over the spread of COVID-19. This has left dealers struggling to find new vehicle inventory.

In turn, dealers have focused their efforts on bringing in used inventory whether it’s from an auction house, a dealer exchange, or even customer trade-ins. Transportation logistics have only become more complicated and time-consuming due to the high demand to move cars and the limited number of trusted carriers.

This is where Sweetie Boy comes in. Our unique solution is to provide dealers with their own personal Sweetie Boy Agent to manage any and all transportation efforts. We also maintain our own fleet of long-haulers and roll-backs which gives us the flexibility to move vehicles quickly and efficiently. Not only can Sweetie Boy transport, but we are a registered and licensed freight brokerage. So whether it’s an auction to dealer, dealer to auction, dealer exchanges, long-haul services or whatever it may be, Sweetie Boy Delivers.

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